Thursday, December 04, 2008

By Dying I Live

My grandma just handed me this wrinkly, torn piece of paper, on which is a poem that my Grampa wrote on April 30, 2001, and it represents his heart better than I ever could. My uncle Roger read it at his memorial service back in July. I'll never forget that moment.

"By Dying I Live"
by Arthur Neil DuBois (1931-2008)

By dying, I live.
By surrender, I win the victory.
By giving, I am made rich.
By kneeling, I stand firm.
By weakness, I am made strong.
By fasting, I am made fat.
By selflessness, I am made satisfied.
By praying for others, I am blessed beyond measure.
By serving others, all my needs are met.
By comforting the lonely, I receive fellowship.
By praising the Lord, I receive high honor.
By being a fool in the world's eyes, I am made wise by the Lord.
By not seeking my own comfort, I receive all my satisfaction.
By dying to self, I will live forever.

What a heritage he left us. I only hope I can continue in it as he did, faithful to the end. I miss him terribly as I sit here in the house he grew up in and eventually died in, but I know that not only do the lessons of his life live on because of his great love, but he lives on as well.

Proverbs 13:22a "A good man leaves an inheritance to his children's children..."

As he said, "By dying to self, I will live forever."

"Me too, Grampa, see you later..."


  1. What a legacy he has left for you and your family...such a gift!

  2. What a testament to his faith! Definitely a tresure. :)